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Welcome to Claire Cross's corner of my Deborah Cooke website. You ended up on this page in one of two ways - either by going to, or by selecting the Claire Cross link from somewhere on This is because Claire and Deborah are the same person. Now you know!


Once upon a time, I wrote eight books and a novella under the name Claire Cross.

There were four time travel romances. These have been republished as Claire Delacroix titles, because I think the stories have a fair bit in common with my Claire Delacroix medievals. You can read about them on the Claire Delacroix site, right here.

There was a Claire Cross novella in the anthology, SILENT NIGHT. This anthology remains available in both print and digital editions from the publisher. Links are below.

Finally, there were four linked contemporary romances by Claire Cross, featuring the Coxwell siblings and their respective quests for HEA's. A writer friend of mine calls the Coxwells "the most dysfunctional family in fiction" - and she thinks that's a good thing. I had a wonderful time telling their stories in the first place and am excited to be republishing them in new digital and print editions.

The Coxwells get their own page again, but on the Cooke site this time.

All links on this page will take you to my Deborah Cooke site.



Silent Night

In J.D. Robb's "Midnight in Death," Lieutenant Eve Dallas must postpone her first Christmas with her new husband, Roarke, to hunt for an escaped serial killer -- but she and Roarke still manage to find ways to celebrate...

Susan Plunkett's "Christmas Promises" brings a woman and her ex-fiance together after four long years as they search for a missing child -- and make up for broken promises of Christmases past...

In Dee Holmes's "The Unexpected Gift," Sabrina McKay and her five-year-old son are coping with the first Christmas since her divorce when her son finds a "body" in the yard -- and unexpectedly they rediscover the true spirit of the holidays...

In Claire Cross's "A Berry Merry Christmas," a mysterious nanny has a special message to deliver to a young orphan and her uncle who long to feel the joy of Christmas in their hearts once again...









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